General info about snow conditions

There has been very few snow falls for the last 1,5 months in Imatra region. In many semi-open areas the snow cover is 10-20 cm but in more dense forests and in open windy areas there is less. Most of the wide tracks are in very good condition with hard and coarse snow and icy ground. Also many scooter tracks are in good condition. In more challenging areas the organizers have transferred snow to tracks, so they are also well skiable. Some branches of the trees and ground vegetation may appear, but it is safe to ski. Anyway, be careful especially in steep downhills and in track junctions. Due to thin snow cover it may be difficult to see some tracks in the forest. Organizers have changed the original plan of the track network and removed most challenging areas.

Training and Model event terrain

Due to lack of snow, the model event terrain is changed from Lammassaari to north-eastern direction from Event Centre, Imatra Spa. There is a x-country track starting close to Event Centre and beside the road to Imatra Spa and this track is allowed to use to the point where Embargoed area begins. The model event sows the tracks and the type control used in competitions.​

It is allowed to use the tracks which continue north-east from the model event control point. For training you can also use Lammassaari. There is a prepared track round in the island, but some parts are with very little snow.

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Golf course special instructions

Clicking the link will open a pdf-file containing instructions for the golf course area.