Changes to result list of middle distance in M21

To the result list of middle distance of M21 has come some changes after the jury decision. Almost 15 athletes were disqualified after the middle distance because of skiing on

ESOC middle-distance: athlete’s comments

Ski orienteering championship race over the middle distance took place on Saturday. In the men’s class it was again Lars Moholdt who won the competition as in previous year in

Changes to the timetable of Saturday

First starting times: 9:00 JWSOC & EYSOC 10:30 ESOC 13:00 WMSOC For masters, the start is near the ice rink, 5 minute walk from the competition center. 

ESOC: long-distance: how it was

The long distance medal decision took place on Thursday at Imatra. Russian wins gold and bronze in men`s and women`s category, Sweden got silver. In the men’s race it was

ESOC Sprint-relay: video and comments

Polina Frolova and Andrey Lamov won the mixed sprint-relay at ESOC. It was a finish battle between Russia-1, Sweden-3 (Frida Sandberg and Ulrik Nordberg) and Russia-2 (Mariya Kechkina ana Sergey

JWSOC: Athletes` impressions after Sprint

The second day started with a Sprint for young sportsmen. We got some fresh comments-reviews from the finish line of the Junior competition. Rasmus Wickbom (Sweden): The race was very

ESOC: Athletes` impressions after Sprint

We got some fresh comments-reviews from the finish line of the first day of the competition. Sanna Pusa (Finland): I wasn’t sure of my route choices. It went so fast

Before the races start, we asked some of the strongest athletes about their shape and expectations and find out their secrets of preparing for competitions and getting good mood. Brief

Information about location of the competitions.

Organization committee made decision about the location of competitions on Sunday evening. Snow situation, weather forecast and conditions of tracks after effective snowmaking enable to organise all competitions at Ukonniemi

Snow situation has been challenging in Southeastern Finland during the end of December and in the beginning of the January. Some parts of original terrain has a lack of snow.